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Jeff Ehalt | Director of Facilities | Sherman Associates

Jeff Ehalt, Director of Facilities for the Residential Property Management Division, has been with Sherman Associates for two years. Ehalt guides the Facilities Team while working alongside Low Voltage, Locksmith, Resident Services Office, and the Regional Maintenance Supervisors to better assist residents, tenants, and staff. He provides guidance for many Sherman employees through his policies, procedures, intensive training program, and positive attitude. Ehalt also focuses on determining cost-effective measures, such as converting to LED, low flow plumbing fixtures, and rebate programs.

Ehalt is an excellent leader and has a talent for maintenance management as he’s been operating in hands-on fields since childhood. He has a wealth of knowledge stemming from his experience in a variety of areas ranging from farm labor to warehouse management, in addition to thirteen years directing maintenance operations at a college.

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