Vision-oriented development

We build on innovation

Sherman Associates is an award-winning firm specializing in design, construction, and financing of quality commercial and housing properties that make a lasting impact on the community. As a full-service developer with a long track record of success, we know what it takes to get the job done successfully.

We approach every new development with three core principles:

  • Meet the needs of the community
  • Bring innovative solutions
  • Utilize the right financing options

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We’re invested in what we build

As a long-term owner-developer, we’re fully invested in every project we take on. We’re uniquely able to combine multiple uses into our developments. Our extensive development portfolio includes:

  • Over 40 years of construction and development experience
  • Over 12,000 residential units
  • Over 770,000 square feet of commercial space
  • 29 completed condominium projects
  • Over $4 billion in real estate development
  • Five hotels

Making a difference

Sherman Associates is dedicated to developing at least one Community Impact project each year. We believe the healthiest neighborhoods are comprised of a variety of people and uses. To accommodate these diverse needs, we strive to create mixed-use developments that incorporate a variety of housing types and leverage multiple financing tools.

Securing the right financing for every project

We’re experts at properly utilizing the right financing options for each project. We self-finance our developments to ensure we can always meet the needs of the community—even if those needs change during the course of the project. By securing our own funding, we maintain control over where the money goes and how the project is built.

Investing in a greener future

Sherman Associates is committed to advancing sustainability practices in real estate. We seek to exceed baseline sustainability standards on our projects. Many of our recent developments include solar energy and other green initiatives that reduce the impact on the environment. With complete LEED capabilities, we’re doing our part to protect our planet.

Urban infill developer

As a leader in urban infill development, we take great pride in projects that utilize vacant and unused spaces within the city limits. We know how to identify land that can be developed to help revitalize a neighborhood and create a more vibrant community.