Vanguard Law Magazine: Paula Beck, Sherman Associates – General Counsel uses complex financing to support affordable housing

Paula Beck, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Sherman Associates, was featured by Vanguard Law Magazine, a digital publication that showcases the incredible diversity of the modern in-house counsel, highlighting the philosophies, strategies and initiatives of attorneys from around the world.

Beck conveys her passion for affordable housing and details how her work at Sherman involves complex financing and collaboration, resulting in impactful projects.

She explains how many of Sherman’s affordable projects are not possible without tax increment financing generated by other market-rate projects. Her latest projects that have followed this loan structure were Verdant and The Scenic in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has since applied the complex financing structure to two of Sherman’s other projects in the Twin Cities.

Read the full article: https://www.vanguardlawmag.com/case-studies/paula-beck-sherman-associates/