Andy Bollig | Commercial Leasing Analyst Intern | Sherman Associates

Andy Bollig, Commercial Leasing Analyst Intern, has been with Sherman Associates since September of 2015. Bollig focuses on contacting prospective commercial tenants, drafting lease proposals, marketing commercial spaces, and assisting with new project acquisitions. Bollig’s relatable character, charismatic qualities, and love for decorating his desk to create an alluring environment radiates the office. His creativity, affinity for numbers, and ability to get things accomplished efficiently pair well with his comedic nature. Bollig enjoys generating leads and finding potential tenants for commercial deals, helping both the company and the community alike. His interest in the industry began with an ambition to become a developer. He began his internship knowing commercial leasing is a great place to begin working toward his dream of creating new projects and enhancing communities. Bollig is currently attending the University of Saint Thomas as a junior, working on earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate. Learn more about Andy Bollig