Twin Cities Business: A Look at the $400M Harmonia Development

The Harmonia development underway by Sherman Associates signifies how developers are adapting to a new future for downtown Minneapolis. People continue to move downtown but downtown offices are underutilized as many workers transition to remote work.

To realize the new Harmonia development, the vacant office building on the block will be demolished to pave the way for three new buildings: a 10-story, mixed-income mid-rise apartment building; an over 20-story market-rate high-rise apartment building; and a more than 25-story, mixed-use high-rise building. The entire development will deliver more than 500 units of mixed-income, high-quality housing for around 1,000 people.

Sherman is collaborating with the Fhima family on a vibrant food and beverage district as part of the development.

As Chris Sherman, president of Sherman Associates, considers new projects, he seeks opportunities in converting undesirable office space into higher and better uses that provide more opportunities for people to live and play downtown.

Sherman is also working on a conversion of office space to housing in Northstar Center’s East tower that will deliver 217 units of workforce housing and a historic renovation of the J.I. Case building for Sherman’s new corporate office, including restaurant and retail space.

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