Beyond The Skyline: An Interview with Chris Sherman

Sherman will guide the Minneapolis-based company’s leadership team as well as the direction and performance of their assets. In his interview with reporter Kelly Busche, Sherman talks about how in his first year as president, he plans to lead the company through expansions into new markets with nearly $400 million in development in the works — making 2021 “the “biggest year” yet in terms of development for the company.

Beyond the Skyline is a podcast about economic development, commercial real estate and construction in Minnesota. Above all, it’s a show about what’s next, creativity and the innovation in technology that are changing how we work and shaping the future of business throughout our state.

In December, Sherman Associates announced that Chris Sherman would take over as president of the company founded by his father.

Chris Sherman first joined Sherman Associates when he was a teenager and later joined as a full-time employee after earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State Smeal College of Business. Most recently, Sherman held the role of senior vice president of operations and capital markets.

Sherman Associates has more than $4 billion in commercial, residential, hospitality and for-sale assets. More than 8,000 housing units, four hotels and nearly 1 million square feet of commercial real estate make up its portfolio, according to its website.

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SOURCE: Finance & Commerce