Janelle Hielscher is Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Janelle Hielscher rejoined Sherman Associates as Vice President of Finance & Accounting.

What are key elements to your role at Sherman?
My primary responsibilities include maintaining relationships and ensuring strong communication with our lenders and partners, as well as overseeing financial reporting and forecasting for all divisions of Sherman Associates including: development, corporate, multi-family residential and commercial properties, hospitality and retail operations, and construction.

What qualifications set you apart? Awards, certifications/degrees, experiences, personality traits?
I began my career as an auditor in public accounting where I spent 9 years working primarily with high-growth, middle-market companies throughout the U.S. as a CPA. Since leaving audit for industry in 2015, I’ve continued to enjoy the energy that comes with the pace of growing companies with diverse operations.

What professional strengths are you most proud of, and how do they help you excel at your job?
My strengths tend to be what I enjoy because I try and focus as much as possible in those areas. I think the most important strengths I bring to my role are: 1) mentorship & training with our internal team which allows us all to support Sherman Associates’ growth; and 2) organizational skills, which I think is key in any role, but is critically important for me in prioritizing and ensuring we are responsive and remain in communication with all our partners.

What is the favorite part about your job?
By far, my favorite part of my job is the people I get to work alongside, partner with, and learn from. Beyond that, I love seeing the impact that developments have on our communities and enjoy the variety of our projects. Being able to see the tangible result of the work we’re doing is exciting, and due to the volume of transactions and projects, the financial side of the business is engaging and keeps me energized every day.