Heather Nelson | Senior Commercial Property Manager | Sherman Associates

Senior Commercial Property Manager Heather Nelson has been with Sherman Associates since December 2011 and focuses on managing Sherman’s Twin Cities Portfolio of mixed-use and free-standing commercial properties. She is responsible for 228,000 square feet of commercial space including management, tenant relations, coordination and collections, day-to-day operations, budget creation and management, vendor service contracts, and lease administration. Nelson excels at finding innovative solutions through her incomparable critical and creative thinking skills. Nelson has over 21 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, beginning as a part-time receptionist for a commercial real estate management company. She worked her way up by spending time in each department including leasing, construction, marketing, and administration. This experience provides her with a wealth of knowledge. Nelson has a passion for Property Management as she enjoys interacting with a variety of people and completing varied projects day to day. Her extensive background, highly effective communication skills, and confidence make her a respected member of Sherman Associate’s commercial group.