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Stephine Hill | Accounts Payable Specialist | Sherman Associates

Accounts Payable Specialist, Stephine Hill, has been with Sherman Associates since December of 2014. She is responsible for processing incoming invoices, assisting with the processing of vendor payments and acting as a point-of-contact for vendor billing inquiries. Hill’s detailed analytical knowledge, remarkable efficiency and steadfast reliability along with excellent communication and interpersonal skills make her a highly appreciated member of the Sherman Associates team.

Hill’s nine years of accounting experience include time as an Accounting Specialist and in Accounts Receivable at local community development firms. Along with her work experience, she has a passion for volunteering and serving organizations with a mission. Hill holds an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, and is currently enrolled at Metropolitan State University working towards earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

One thought on “Stephine Hill | Accounts Payable Specialist | Sherman Associates

  1. It is a pleasure working with Stephine. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive. She is generous with her time, always willing to answer a question or lend a hand. She pulls her weight around here and that makes all of us succeed.

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