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Eric Sobraske | Property Manager | Sibley Park & Straus Lofts

Eric Sobraske is a property manager with Sherman Associates. Sobraske has been the face of Sibley Park Apartments and Straus Lofts in Saint Paul since April of 2013. He facilitates communication between all levels of the Sherman Associates team and continues resident communication to provide a comfortable and safe living experience.

Sobraske audits advertising efforts, handles leasing traffic and places new residents in apartments that fit within their needs and budgets. In addition to completing the  financial and compliance paperwork necessary to keep the properties in good standing, he manages the maintenance teams who keep the building in good physical condition as well.

Sobraske began as a Real Estate Agent before coming to Sherman Associates and has always been interested in helping people find homes. “I believe finding a place that you like to live in is one of the most important things that leads to a happy life,” he said.

Thanks to his real estate background, along with a long history in customer service, sales and management, Sobraske helps individuals and families find an affordable apartment and a place they can call home.

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