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Amanda Hitzeman – Director of Compliance | Sherman Associates

Amanda Hitzeman is the Director of Compliance at Sherman Associates and has been with the team since November of 2014. She advises, trains, and inspires our Affordable Housing Management Team and ensures Sherman’s compliance with government and state laws.  She also enforces Sherman’s own regulations, policies and procedures.

The Compliance Department plays a critical role in the success of Sherman’s affordable housing programs.  It supports all other Sherman business units with monitoring and training.  It is the guiding force and resource in the implementation of Federal, State, and Local Housing regulation.

“I add a bit of energy and vigor to translating complicated regulations and rigorous reporting. It allows our team to understand the importance and become caring of various compliance regulations.  Passion and enthusiasm are contagious.”

Hitzeman brings a wealth of knowledge to Sherman with twelve years’ worth of experience and a tremendous understanding of affordable housing programs including but not limited to HUD Section 8, Section 236, PHA, HOME, MARIF, NSP, Bonds, LTH, GRH and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. She encourages collaborative conversations between team members with the goal of making others recognize their value to inspire their internal motivation. Hitzeman adds, “Just as Albert Einstein said, ‘I strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.’”

Hitzeman began her career in the housing industry as many housing professionals did, by accepting an entry level position that flourished into a career she is truly passionate about.  “Working in housing is not just about the building,” she says, “housing is about making a constructive difference in people’s lives, their communities and their life chances by providing individuals and families with a comfortable home and environment in which to thrive.”

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