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Plans to renovate Court Avenue eyesore back on track

Plans to renovate Court Avenue eyesore back on track

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A stalled plan to renovate a Court Avenue eyesore is back on track. It’s been more than a year since the developer cleared out residents of Hotel Randolph, and it’s currently sitting empty since tax-credit finance help dried out.

That’s all about to change now that financing is back.

“It’s fun to take these historic buildings and bring them to life,” said Tony Kuechle, of Sherman and Associates.

The Minneapolis-based developers are back on track to turn the building into a modern apartment building with an old-school look.

“It can be dramatically better we plan exterior renovations to bring it back to its old glory,” said Kuechle.

The glory includes new windows, canopies, and repaired bricks. Look for restaurants and new shops on the first floor and 55 market rate apartments on the upper floors.

Kuechle said the building will look dramatically different once everything is completed.

The Hotel Randolph stalled more than a year ago after historic federal tax credits dried up, and now those credits have returned and the project is now a go.

City leaders said the Hotel Randolph renovations clean up an important corner in the Court Avenue District. It’s one of the last major historic sites in the district, virtually untouched for decades.

“Those are new residents that will go to the restaurants, going to the bars, doing their shopping downtown. It’s a win for everybody,” said Matt Anderson, assistant Des Moines City manager.

Developers hope to have the plans in front of city boards and councils in the next few weeks. Construction will begin this spring with a finish date in 2016.

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