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Bob Striker | Legal Counsel | Sherman Associates

Bob Striker | Legal Counsel | Sherman Associates

Bob Striker is one of three in-house lawyers at Sherman Associates and has been with the company since mid-2014. As Counsel for the Legal department, his work is devoted to helping Sherman build new projects in the region. He works with project managers to obtain financing and make sure projects comply with all of the laws relating to construction, financing, etc. Striker also handles other day-to-day matters within the company that relate to insurance, HR, corporate issues, ect.

“I like the fact that our projects really do help to build communities,” says Striker, “Whether we’re building a commercial property to add amenities to a neighborhood or providing affordable housing to those who need it, our projects help to improve peoples’ lives.”

Striker’s 20 years of law experience in Minneapolis provides Sherman Associates with an incredible amount of knowledge that facilitates every-day growth and long-term goals.

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