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George Sherman named one of 2015′s ’100 People to Know’ by Twin Cities Business

The TCB 100

by Adam Platt, Andre Eggert, Burl Gilyard, Don Jacobson, Gene Rebeck, Liz Fedor , Phil Bolsta, and Stephen Montemayor

November 14, 2014
It’s been a mixed year: Productivity is at a near-record high, unemployment is low. But finding qualified labor is getting tougher and tougher, and spending remains modest. With these kinds of challenges, it’s important to know who’s got the insight, experience and smarts that you’ll want to seek out in the year ahead, whether you meet with them in person or learn by their example.

It is with this in mind that the editors of Twin Cities Business present the 100 People to Know in 2015, or, as we like to call it, the TCB 100, for the year ahead. While many of them lead major organizations and are influential for other reasons, they are not listed here for that reason alone. Rather, they’re included because of how they have overcome—or are facing, with courage, creativity and gusto—major challenges, while using their influence to help grow Minnesota’s economy, and support and even boost its social and cultural attributes.From those at the top of their industry nationally to “hopefuls” who have yet to knock it out of the park as much as we think they will, you’ll find the people to know here.

Follow this link to read about the 2014 TCB Person of the Year, Mayo Clinic CEO and President John Noseworthy.

George Sherman

George Sherman

Sherman Associates

You aren’t likely to see George Sherman at real estate industry networking events; he has too much work to do. Since founding Minneapolis-based Sherman Associates in 1979, Sherman has developed more than 7,000 apartments (market-rate and affordable) and more than 1,200 condo units, as well as commercial projects in the Twin Cities and throughout the Midwest. Sherman has a knack for succeeding where others have failed. One North Loop site sat vacant for a decade after a condo plan went off the rails. Sherman bought it and is nearing completion of the Paxon, a market-rate apartment project. Learn more about Sherman Associates Here.

The Complete List

Abdo, Ken
Adams Loyd, Susan
Akradi, Bahram
Amara, Abou
Anderson, Rollie
Anselmo, Mick
Baker Jr., Douglas
Bozek, Mark
Brainerd , Mary
Buettner, Dan
Burnet, Ryan
Carlson, Marilyn
Clow, Reggie
Coleman, Chris
Cornell, Brian
Cramer, Steve
Crump, Scott
Davis, Mark
Davis, Richard
Dayton, Mark
DeRodes, Bob
Doran, Kelly
Duncan, Sam
Erdrich, Louise
Fallon, Pat
Feldman , Kaywin
Flagg, Steve
Florida, Karl
Ford Reedy, Jennifer
Franken, Al
Gabbert, John
Gayle, Jacob
Gilboe, Kevin
Hamiel, Jeff
Hemsley, Stephen
Hogan, Randall
Hubbard, Stanley
Ishrak, Omar
Johansen, Wayne
Johnson, Bernadeia
Joly, Hubert
Kaler, Eric
Kaufenberg , Justin
Klobuchar, Amy
Kramer, Joel
Langley, Michael
Lantinen, Christine
Larson, Kelly
Leitz, Scott
Lin, Sarena
Lindberg, Mark
Litman, Scott
Lutz, Chuck
MacLennan, Dave
Martin, Lois
Marvin, Susan
McCollam, Sharon
McCrae, Fiona
McTaggart, Jon
Menke, Dave
Millard, Jamie
Mishek , Mark
Monserrate, Alberto
Mooty, Chuck
Morris, Ginny
Mortensen, Dave
Mortenson Jr., M.A. “Mort”
Nasseff , John
Nelson, Ken
Ness, Don
Noor, Mohamud
Pardue, Kristin
Parnell, Carolyn
Phenix, Amy
Pohlad, Bill
Popp, Bill
Powell, Ken
Rautio, Trudy
Rosenstone, Steven
Ryan , Pat
Rybak, R.T.
Samuels, Sondra
Sanchez, Rene
Sen, Abir
Sheehy, Lee
Sherman, George
Smith, Sally
Smith, Tina
Smith, Kevin
Steinwall, Maureen
Stutrud, Mark
Sullivan, Julie
Taylor, Glen
Tran, Diane
Via, LuAnn
Viso, Olga
Vlahos, Dean
Watson, Tara
Weinhagen, Jonathan
Wilf, Zygi

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