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Metro Lofts Resident Advocates For Accessible Housing

The 2014 Miss Wheelchair Iowa, Michele Meadors, is bringing national attention to a new website that assists renters in finding apartments based on dozens of specific criteria — from counter heights, to having enough room to open the fridge door.

Three years ago, Meadors was in a life-changing automobile accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. She began the search to find an apartment home where she could live independently, and quickly learned that it was a more difficult process than originally anticipated. Sixteen apartments later, Meadors finally found what she was looking for.

In order to alleviate the same hassles for others, Meadors is spreading the word about , a site that lists 8,000 properties in Polk County alone and hundreds more statewide.

To learn more about Michele Meaders and her campaign, read the full article here.

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