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Sherman Associates closes on West Side Flats in St. Paul after 8 years

Sherman Associates, Inc.

Sherman Associates closed on financing for a 178 unit multifamily development named West Side Flats the week of November 19th.  Construction will commence immediately with initial occupancy scheduled for the winter of 2014.  Eight years in the making, this development will help meet the strong demand for more market rate rental opportunities in St. Paul, MN.

2 thoughts on “Sherman Associates closes on West Side Flats in St. Paul after 8 years

  1. Well I sure hope this comment gets read or better yet published.

    8 years in the making , leaves me with a bunch of questions that I’m sure you can answer for me. Its very very interesting to me, how you were awarded this property. It appears to me that this land was once the property of the hra. Now it was acquired when ? And what was the purchase amount for this very special piece of land that is worth a sm fortune . If you had it listed for sale in 2012 . And it was in fact offered on loop net for 8 million . When I sent an inquiry to you about this add. You informed me it was not for sale. .if you were trying for 8 years to secure financing I guess I would ask why it would be for sale?. So so many questions. I know a bunch of people who would love to loan money for this type of development. I think we need to get some public opinions. At least look real close at this and other Sherman projects in st Paul. Can’t believe you think people are so stupid..I will give my every last minute of time , educating the people of this city , how this Has come to be. There are some things that just cannot be allowed to keep happening . This is one. Good luck to you explaining this to the people of st Paul. You will be held accountable and will need some good explanations if your going to keep me from making sure there are equal oppertunitys for all people. This is an assault to my intelligence , it should offend all the people in our city, and the city council members should be ashamed of there actions . They know this is wrong .

    • Your comment has been received and read. I hope to respond to your questions but I do not understand your email. Can you please confirm; you are asking:
      1. When did Sherman Associates close on the West Side Flast Site?
      2. Why was it for sale on Loop Net?

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