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Sherman Associates celebrates Riverside Plaza Grand Re-Opening

Sherman Associates, Inc.

Sherman Associates, along with its project partners celebrated the Grand Re-Opening of Riverside Plaza on October 10th.  After two years, $65 million in construction, and the temporary relocation of some 5,000 residents, the project has been hailed an immense success.  An occupied rehab of a project this size has never been accomplished in such a fashion and the accolades for Sherman Associates and the project staff have been tremendous.

View the Project Video¬Ľ

View Riverside Plaza on¬Ľ

View a gallery of photos from the event below:

2 thoughts on “Sherman Associates celebrates Riverside Plaza Grand Re-Opening

  1. Just In Case Anyone Is Wonderin’ Who The Ol’Grungy Guy Is With The Poster, That’s Me! “Hard Tymes”. Richard D.W. Miller.
    I Had Just Gotten Back From Helpin’ Someone Move & Hadn’t Had Time To Get Ready For This Event! But I Wanted To Have Mr George Sherman Autograph My Poster I Had Found About 2 Years Before This.
    When I First Moved Here, It Was Called “Cedar Square West”. When The Name Was Changed, I Happened To Be On The CSW Tenant’s Union. When The Name “Riverside Plaza Apartments” Came Up For A Vote…… I Voted In Favor Of The Name.
    I’ve Lived Here For The Past 33+ Years & I Have No Regrets In Doin’ So!
    And The Remodeling Job? Thanks To The Guys At Knutson Construction Co., Riverside Plaza Apartments Should Stand The Test Of Time A Little Bit Better!
    Thank You Riverside Plaza!

    Richard D.W. Miller
    {Hard Tymes} 11/15/2012

    • Sherman Associates would like to thank you for your continued support! The efforts and cooperation of community members such as yourself played an essential role in making this project the success that it has become.

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